Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Developmental Update

Lots to report in the past two days:

First of all, Karsie is doing very well.  Her cough is pretty much gone and she is feeling much better.  She has been all smiles lately.  

Growth:  Karsie has still been growing well.  The last registered weight was 11 lbs. 3 oz.  When we go into the GI doctors this weekend we'll have a more accurate weight to report as they weigh her completely naked.  We're guessing close to 11 lbs. but probably not quite.  Maybe we'll get a surprise.  

Muscle Development:  Karsie has been doing great on holding her head up.  She's still not quite as strong as she should be, but she's close.  Her back is the next thing we're trying to strengthen.  She still needs support on her back, but rarely needs it for her head/neck.  We're also trying to strengthen her legs.  She's still getting stronger, but she's pretty weak.

Copy Cat:  Yesterday Kevin started to make funny noises with his tongue and mouth to make Karsie laugh and she started to copy him.  It was quite cute.

Teething:  Karsie has started to sprout some ivory daggers.  She's actually not too fussy for teething, but we feel that it's just started.  She is definitely uncomfortable at times.  She chews on everything including her breathing treatment mask.

Laugh:  She laughed today.  She's real easy to get to smile and today Michelle got her to laugh just a little.  There will be video attempts in the near future. 

Pinky: Pinky is so close to being complete.  She has just a little scab about the size of a quarter and it's drying up quickly.  We're probably within a couple of weeks.  It'll be nice not to have to change her dressing twice a day.    

We'll be heading to San Diego this Friday to visit the GI doctors - specifically the nutritionist. Most likely we will have some diet changes but not a whole lot more.  We'll keep you posted.


  1. Yay for such good news! Glad she finally laughed for you guys...figure out the trick so we can get her to giggle...can't wait! And also...ivory daggers is right....beware Michelle... :) Be nice Karsie...

  2. That is awesome you have so many positive things to say. So, I spoke too soon about Blair's synages shots... you will have to read my post about it!

    Hugs - Tiff

  3. Yea! Karsie. I'm so happy she is doing so well. Hugs Pamela