Friday, December 11, 2009

More Zoo Pics

It was a fun enough day yesterday to devote two blog entries to it.  Here are a few more pictures with explanations:

There is a baby in Michelle's arms, but by this point in the day Karsie was in her little Moby wrap.  Plus since it was cold, she was bundled by blankets.  But trust us, she's there.  
We had to get this picture (all of these actually) sent to us from Kelli and Dave, but here is the proof that there were actually animals where we went.  
Our favorite place to go at this point has been the viewing area by the orangutans.  We got Subway and brought it in to eat our lunch.  This is one of our favorite things to do, sometimes just for lunch.  And this time lunch featured not only the monkey entertainment, but a little girl to entertain as well.
Karsie is actually awake, but her hat wiggled its way down her face and covered her eyes.  One day she will enjoy the monkeys when she can actually see them.


  1. This is so awesome, and I have to say has really made my day! Just think, hopefully before long little Karsie will be climbing all over everything just like those monkeys. :)

  2. I loved my moby wrap! Have fun at home!!

  3. What an amazing gift!! You all look great.
    Merry Christmas, Cynthia