Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holiday Cough

Karsie has been fighting a moderately chunky cough for the past couple of days.  She's had an extremely mild and very infrequent cough since being discharged, but it has gotten chunkier and it has made her pretty uncomfortable lately.  Right now we think it's nothing serious as her body temperature has been normal, but we may have a doctor's visit in our near future if it doesn't go away.  Along with this has been extra gas in her belly because of the coughing and crying.  She woke up for the first time during the night a few nights ago and has continued since.  So even though it doesn't look to be too serious now it's keeping her uncomfortable throughout the day which keeps her crying, giving her extra gas in her stomach which in turn makes her even more uncomfortable.  So the cough needs to go away.  Good news is she's doing a good job of breaking it up even though she hates doing it and throws a fit all along the way.  

Our Christmas was great!  Karsie slept through most of the festivities, but she was pummeled with loot...and we're only half way done as the Royal clan comes up today and will no doubt have more to spoil her with.  Our most sentimental gift was a Kerby bear circa 1983.  Kevin was given a Kerby bear on his 3rd birthday by his grandparents and it was his favorite toy during his childhood.  They stopped making the bear in 1984, but ebay is a great place so Karsie was able to get her own bear.  Along with Kerby was a whole lot of clothes (some from Paris even...fancy little one already) and toys.  It was a very fun day along with a wonderful visit from Grandma Turner and Aunt Mandy.  
Feel better Bug... 

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  1. Blessings, once again! Karsie must be enjoying home with mom and dad. I will pray that the cough doesn't keep Karsie up too much. Stay warm and keep cozy with this dash of cold weather. Are you nursing Karsie now? Is she having more extended awake hours? I hope the bug will stop visiting Karsie.