Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve at Home

We have been blessed to get to decorate our house for Christmas this year!  What a treat to have Karsie's first Christmas at home!
Picking out a tree!
Bringing the tree into the house!
Kevin's Christmas Village
The start of our Christmas Card Tree... see yourself?
Our Stockings
Our ornament for 2009
Our tree all trimmed!

Merry Christmas Eve!


  1. Looks LOVELY! Have a wonderful Christmas all together! What a blessing! Merry Christmas to you Turner 3!....P.S. Your card is going in the mail soon...ooopppsss....kept thinking we would see you again! :) Love, The Botts 3

  2. So very happy for you guys!!! Love the pictures (good job on the village Kevin!) and can't wait to see/meet you!!!