Monday, December 21, 2009

BFF (Big Fat Fatty)!!!

Today was an interesting appointment.  We went in to the pediatrician's office and started to sign the paper work.  As we were filling things out we noticed that the first name of the doctor that we thought we were seeing and the first name of the doctor we were signing up with was different. Since our OBGYN recommended this doctor we were nervous that he got the doctors mixed up and we were seeing the wrong one.  

However, when we asked about the doctor we thought we were seeing the secretary said that this was his office (even though the name on the office door was different - with the same last name). Our OBGYN recommended this doctor because he went to med school at UCSD and is doing a ton of work at UCLA in pediatrics, so he has been exposed with weird things...such as an omphalocele.  He also graduated not too long ago, so we knew he was young enough that he might have run into some of our doctors during his studies.  However, when the doctor came in he had obviously been out of med school for a long, long time.  Much longer than the doctor we had researched and had been recommended.

We started to tell him Karsie's story and he started to write things down.  As we were doing this he seemed very cautious and real quiet.  He kept pausing to ponder things.  We liked him very much, but we were under the impression that he was in over his head with Karsie.  After about 10 minutes of conversation he said "I think that she is more of a case for my son." Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...... so everything worked out fine and we saw the doctor we were meaning to see, but it took us full circle to get there.  And we LOVE the doctor that is now Karsie's pediatrician.  

Now for the "ten" news:  Karsie was weighed with her clothes on, so it definitely tipped the scales in her favor, but we're positive that she has hit a milestone.  After 5 months of life she now weighs as much as her mommy did when she was born:  10 lbs!!!  Karsie weighed in at 10 lbs. 11 oz.  We know her clothes didn't weigh 11 oz. so she has hit our goal for today.  Yay fat!!!  


  1. Fatty is right! I ate quite a few cookies for her....and thought fat that must have helped! Yay for Fat and a wonderful pediatrician! :)

  2. Woohoo! Such a cutie! Glad everything worked out with the doctors!

  3. And dang cute too! Look at that outfit!

  4. I so happy for you all. :o) Yea!! 10 pounds! Pamela

  5. Is she being nursed again? Does she burp or spit up after feeding? My children always did.
    Is she eating any solids? Does she enjoy some rice cereal or applesauce? When does she take her naps?
    I want to hear all about it!
    I am so glad you found the right Dr. When will her next appointment be?

  6. WOW!! Just wonderful that Karsie is doing so well! Is your pediatrician Dr. Suen? My kids (now 30, 26 & 24 years old) saw the senior Dr. Suen and I know his son is in practice with him now. He was always a great Dr. and I'm sure his son is as well. I'm anxious to hear answers to some of the questions above too. Keep up the good work Mom and Dad!!

  7. Anonymous #1 -

    Is she being nursed again? Yes. She only gets to do it two times a day for 10 minutes, but that seems to do okay for now. The goal is to slowly go up to full feeds on breast milk, but we wouldn't be surprised if she never gets there. But she's doing great on what she's allowed to do.

    Does she burp or spit up after feeding? No. She had a fundoplication which makes it impossible for her to do either.

    Is she eating any solids? Not yet. The dietician is thinking of letting her try bananas soon, but that won't happen until middle of January at the earliest.

    Does she enjoy some rice cereal or applesauce? No.

    When does she take her naps? She's pretty routine at this point. She takes a mid-morning nap for maybe an hour followed by a real big afternoon nap of about 2-3 hours. Then she takes a nap in the late afternoon to early evening and then she sleeps for the night. A lot of times it's just when she fits it in, but mostly she's pretty routine.

    I am so glad you found the right Dr. When will her next appointment be? In about a month for her 6 month shots.

  8. Anonymous #2 - Yes, it's Dr. Suen. We loved both. The elder talked a lot about his two boys when he decided to turn Karsie over to his son. He's very proud of them. They're a very hard working family. His son splits his time between the practice and doing research for UCLA on infectious disease.

  9. Great news!!! (and I'm sure that Becky is very happy to give up her pregnant nickname to Karsie!!) :)
    btw....that picture is adorable!

  10. wE SEE DR SUEN TOO! we love both of them as well but deal with dr. Jeff more. we absolutely LOVE them. The older one was my dr as a little girl too.:) So glad Karsie is doing well. She has Great Parents and now a great dr. and of course an Amazing God to take care of her. We love you guys!


  11. Great news! I enjoy seeing the photos of her looking so plump and happy and full of life. Have a great Holiday -- look at far you've come! I'm so happy for you all.