Friday, November 13, 2009

Questions Forum

Surgery is scheduled for Monday at 1:00 p.m.  

We had a few people question some things about the surgery on other posts, so we thought we would put this up to answer questions.  Like other forums we will continue looking back at this for a week and answer questions as they come until then.  

We will start by answering questions on the comments section asked by some of you on other posts.


  1. To the question about a second opinion and consequences of the surgery: The way that Karsie's situation is being dealt with goes through many doctors and fields. Our surgeon is not the only person recommending this. We have doctors from the G.I. doctors from neonatology and the surgeon. This is a common fix to the problems Karsie is having, but it's her anatomy that makes her a little more delicate. We are as comfortable as can be with a surgery and this decision, plus we have been talking with a few mothers with omphalocele babies that have gone through this and most say that it was a huge help to the weight gaining and throwing up issue.

    We had the same question regarding the need to throw up later. We asked the G.I. specialist that question today (as well as our nurses yesterday and nurse practitioners) and they all had the same answer. The surgery will prevent the reflux throw up and most other throw up, but a violent enough force will allow her to throw up. Also, the G-Tube will allow for throw up now if the stomach needs to empty. When the G-Tube is taken out she will be a toddler. By then the procedure loosens enough on its own that by that time it will not be as hard to throw up. She won't be able to binge on alcohol or drink drano, but she will still be able to throw up what is necessary for her.

  2. I will be praying on guys are such good sports to answer all the questions about your little girl. Thanks for letting us all be apart/support through this journey together! I am really glad you have made friends that have already gone through this to help you make educated decisions.

  3. Our church will be praying for little karsie and you guys too. Hang in there.

  4. What might her feeding schedule be like when this operation is performed? Will she be able to have mother's milk or is Michelle stopping nursing altogether?
    My prayer is for the MD's to have a successful time and that they encounter no further problems.
    God be with you all.

  5. She will most likely start on pedialyte followed by formula that is broken down to make sure she digests it properly and that her gut is eased into the next part. The plan for all of us (doctors included) is for Karsie to go back to Michelle's breast milk as soon as she can. Michelle has not stopped pumping, but she has not nursed in a long time as Karsie has been in the hospital.

  6. Matt and I will be praying for you, for Karsie, and for the doctors on Monday. Please know that even though we r not there physically to support you, we are always praying and supporting you.

  7. Will Karsie get to eat orally at all once she has the tube in?

    I'm a friend of, and they have a link to your blog, and I started reading because its such an inspirational story. All the best.

    Allison N.

  8. Yes she will get to eat by mouth. They will probably just start her totally on tube feeding, but they will let her eat whatever she can handle by mouth.

  9. I've been praying for you all. She looks great without the tape on her face!
    You mentioned continuous feeds every hour now. Does that mean that someone will have to be awake to feed her every hour?
    I was glad to hear that she will get to eat by mouth, too. And I know you're glad that she may be able to go back on your breast milk! Good work keeping at that! Leighann at Living with 3 Hobbits and a Giant recommended: