Monday, November 16, 2009


She's out!!!  Our nurse just came in and told us that the surgery went well and she's out.  We're not sure what happened and if they were even able to do both procedures, but the nurse wasn't told otherwise, so it looks like they did.

What we do know:  Her blood pressure stayed steady the whole time.  They started an IV in her foot to give her blood if she needed it (it was Michelle's donated blood) but we don't think she did need it.  She is still ventilated but it's a pretty low setting and she should be able to have that out when she wakes up.

We have a tough little cookie on our hands.  But we're not sure we're tough enough to do this too many more times.  We're both ready to throw up now.     

(Taken before the surgery)


  1. Wonderful. Karsie is such a fighter and she's such an example of the power of prayer.

    We can all have some 7up now to settle all our stomachs and say a prayer of thanks.

  2. I'm so happy for you all. God is good, and He did a great job of picking Karsie's parents. You're just what she needs. You will all continue to be in my prayers.

  3. AMEN AMEN AMEN! Thanks for updating....glad it all is done and now to pray for her to fatten up....way up! :)

  4. Praise God! And that picture of her smiling at you is SO precious!

    Love, Jen xxx

  6. That picture is adorable! Praising God for a great outcome!

  7. God is Awesome! Karsie is a Fighter and her parents are stronger than they think! Great update! Cory