Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Post-Op Day 3

Not much new today. Karsie is post-op day 3 and resting lots. She is still on Tylenol and Ativan for pain and to help her relax. She is breathing on room air and doing very well. She is a little "junky" sounding in her breathing, but nothing to be worried about... just a reaction to being intubated. She is still having a little bit of drainage through her g-tube which is also normal.
This afternoon she got rid of the NG tube that was being used to suction her esophagus. So, she is now tube/tape free on her face! Pictures will follow!

The other GREAT news in her post-op status is POOP! She has had two little poop smears today as well as a decent sized poop! Yay for working bowels! That is really great news. It means that her insides aren't too angry after surgery. It also means that if all continues to go well, she will get to eat tomorrow. We are not sure of the exact plan for feeds, but we do know she will start with pedialyte and things will go slow.


  1. Karen Tramposh (friends of Todd & Kristine)November 19, 2009 at 2:21 AM

    Praise God! This is all good news! We're so glad that all went well with the operation and that Karsie is responding well! Prayer will continue!

  2. Never, in the history of San Diego, have so many people been so thankful for poop......

    Love, Jen.

  3. Yay for poop & a tube free face! :) Happy she is doing so well and catching up on rest! I agree with Ginny-Karsie is amazing!