Friday, November 20, 2009

4.07 ??????

This afternoon we walked into the NICU to see Karsie's weight posted on her growth chart.  It read 4.07 kg which is basically 9 lbs.  This was an enormous increase from the day before and we were sure that it was a mistake, but it was exciting to think that she beefed up that much.  Sure enough we came back today and it was 3.775 kg which is 8 lbs. 5 oz roughly.  Even that might be slightly inflated as she has the G-tube now part of her weight and she has a few extra wires and such, but we're pretty sure that she is at least 8 lbs. now officially.  

Karsie has been increased to 2 mL per hour.  We thought that the order was going to be to increase by 1 mL per hour every 6 hours or so, but that didn't happen.  However, she has been changed to Elecare which is a formula, so that was a change.  They will go very slow at first and the hope is that if she tolerates it they will increase her feeding much more quickly.  

Thanksgiving is a good day not just for us eating but for Karsie as well.  They are giving her throat and esophagus a rest for a while as it has been hit hard by acid, surgery, and her being intubated.  However, we have decided that Karsie will get a Thanksgiving treat by getting to eat by mouth.  By then she should have ample time to heal her throat and from her surgery, so we want to try to give her a pleasurable experience with eating. 

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  1. That is AWESOME news! I will continue to pray that Karsie gets better quick and gets out of there soon!

    Hugs - Tiffany