Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Very Special 'Thank You'

To all who follow our blog, we would like to request your words:

We feel the end coming...soon.  Karsie's story has been so remarkable, we hardly can believe this phase is coming to an end.  However, it doesn't finish without serious recognition and credit to some very special people.  The staff at Children's Hospital helped save Karsie's life, and we are well aware that we are not the only ones grateful for their commitment to our daughter.  

In a normal situation we would buy a really big card and have as many people sign a quick note and thank you as would feel inspired to.  However, our situation is a little different and we're not all together.  So, we would request your time to write a quick thank you or note to our nurses and doctors who helped save Karsie.  When Karsie leaves we will print them all out and give them to our nurses/doctors.  You may email them to Karsie's email (listed at the top of the blog), to our email address, or leave a comment (but just know that some of our nurses read the blog so if you want a surprise it won't be on  a comment).   

If you would like to write a specific note, here are some names:

Primary nurses:  Amy, Jamie, Lindsey, Ruth, and Heather (a new primary but still wonderful) - These guys are so very wonderful.  They are the front lines of Karsie and have been there since the beginning.  We do not have enough space to put all of our grateful thoughts down.  (p.s. Ruth/Amy...we put all primaries in alphabetical order...there's no preference there in case that fight is still continuing :).    

Surgeons:  Dr Losasso - first surgery; repaired her liver and put on the siloh
                    Dr. Saenz - put on Patch and is her residing surgeon
                   Dr. Hilfiker - repaired Karsie's torn umbilical cord

Neonatologists:  Dr. Settner - probably our favorite doctor.  She really listens to us and tries to balance our concerns with normal practice.  Dr. De la Rosa - Spent a lot of time at the bedside with Karsie.  Dr. Knight - Saved Karsie's life by helping with the bleeding and transfusion.  She also is the head doctor and bent the rules by letting our family in during times when they weren't able to.  There are other doctors but most didn't spend a whole lot of time with us.  We thank them all.

Nurse Practitioners:  All of them were great help.  Here are a list of names.  Hope we don't forget any.  Kylee, April, Barb, Pam, and Kim were present most.

We thank everyone.  We get choked up thinking about our little girl without these people.  Our story would not be the same.  Please join us in giving a minute of your time to write a quick note.  It will mean so much to them...and us.  

Karsie cannot say thank you herself, so let's all join together and do it for her.


  1. Thanks you to all of you who have touched, saved and helped Karsie's life.
    Thanks most of all to her nurses. The ones with her 24 hours a day.
    God bless all of you who cared for her and helped her!
    God bless all of you who took time for helping her parents too.
    God bless the social workers, and RT's and dieticians, and lactation speialists, and secretaries, and housekeepers and lab techs, and everyone there!
    Michelle & Kevin will thank the ones who meant the most personally.
    I thank everyone for whatever it was they did.
    You helped, you were important, thank you.

  2. What amazing people you all are; balancing calm efficiency with extraordinary compassion, having a head cool enough to do what is needed in an emergency, yet having a heart big enough to remember that your chosen profession affects so many lives in a profound way. You are truly "Jesus with skin on." May you always be richly blessed.

  3. What a wonderful story you will have to share with her when she gets older.

    THANKS to everyone for saving little Karsie's life. O babies are so special and such fighter's. But, you all are the one's that are true front lines in saving our children.

    As an O Mother myself my heart is filled with such warmth knowing there are such wonderful and caring nurses and Dr's out there willing to save our children's lives!

    We love you all!
    Tiffany Morris

  4. Your love has shown so brightly for this girl!! How can any of us ever thank you enough? God be with you through all your trials, as you've been there for Karsie and her family.