Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday News

This morning Karsie had another abdominal x-ray taken and the results were similar to the last 2. She still has gas in her bowels, but there is nothing that jumps out at the doctors as a concern.
Her labs from yesterday looked good. The labs that were pointing towards infection are coming down and if they continue to come down today the antibiotics will be stopped tomorrow.
Today Karsie got started back on feeds. She was at 70mL feeds at home... so to ease her back into it, she is starting with 18mL of pedialyte. Then if she tolerates that for 24 hours, she will go to 35mL of breastmilk. If she tolerates that for 24 hours then she will go back to full feeds. This puts us at Friday afternoon as the earliest discharge. We were hoping for sooner, but we want Karsie to be eating well when she comes home again. At 12pm today, Karsie ate all 18mL of the pedialyte and was ready to keep going. Maybe this will be the boost she needed to get her eating by mouth?!?!?
Another test that was run upon admission to Children's, was the liver function tests (to check her biliruben levels). The good news is that she was bringing those down too. Hopefully after a bit more of the medicine for that, her numbers will be all the way down!
So now, we are waiting for her to eat and digest everything... praying for no spit-ups and good poops and a big eater! Hopefully this stay will come to an end very soon!


  1. Sounds like everything is on the right track..AWESOME!!! Get Well little girl!!

  2. praying for you all, hope she is home very soon