Sunday, October 4, 2009

One Step Back

The doctors agreed to take the extra calorie out of Karsie's food. She is back on 24 calorie and doing slightly better. Her stooling pattern has returned to her normal and her spit-ups have gone down considerably in volume. Friday, she was also taken off the multi-vitamins and the reglan (med for helping with reflux). She got a transfusion of Grandpa's blood Friday evening to help with her energy. She took 28mL breastfeeding and around 20 from the bottle.
Saturday her feeding was left alone but she was put back on the reglan to try to help with the spit-ups. She had fewer spit-ups and the volume was still low! She is also continuing to have a more regular stooling pattern. She didn't do as well feeding orally as she can, but we didn't push her either. We are trying to make every oral/eating experience positive... so if she shows us she isn't interested, we try to let her be the boss with it. If she eats and then throws up, she didn't get the nutrients anyway and she then begins to associate eating with bad feelings. Pinky still looks amazing. It is over halfway covered with real skin, and the rest is good granulation tissue. Still no growth.

We are hoping that Karsie will be able to grow on the 24 calorie food and begin to take bigger feeds by mouth. She will have to show a good amount of growth before she will be able to come home (even if she has the feeding tube still). Hopefully this week we will see a few steps forward.

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