Friday, October 16, 2009

Karsie's New Home

Karsie in her crib.  She loves sleeping in this.
On Daddy's lap.  
Grandpa and Karsie are reunited after a short time apart.  But it seemed much longer.

Karsie at her first doctor's appointment.  Sounds funny to say after spending three months in the NICU.  We LOVE her new doctor.  This picture was right in the middle of a raging tantrum. We happened to calm her for 5 seconds to take this picture.  


  1. It is wonderful to see her at home at last!
    Carlos looks....almost happy!
    Who is her wonderful new doctor?
    I am hoping you two will get some sleep tonight...follow Karsies lead....
    It's okay to sleep! Especially when you have a lot of important work to do. Like, taking care of a baby for example.....
    You are doing so well! You are wonderful parents.
    Thank you so much for keeping up the blog even when you are so very busy. You will be forgiven by everyone if the blog takes a back seat for a you are on 24/7 for Karsie!
    Love in huge enormous bunches!
    Jen x

  2. Thank you so much for continuing the blog!!!
    Isn't it just like teachers, to keep it up and continue it just as classrooms are updated daily?
    Please take some time to rest, and let us in on her weight gains.
    You have such a precious gift in your hands.
    God be with you all!

  3. Love the pictures! Keep' em coming! London has the same little leg warmers...wore them yesterday! Love you guys.

  4. I bet she was so thankful to sleep in a dark room with no noises! What always surprised me was that BOTH of my girls were NICU babies and it always amazed me (especially with Blair being there for 2 months) that they didn't have their days and nights mixed up!

    She looks great and it seems like she has her little routine down. I wish we lived close so I could meet her in person!

    Big Hugs- Tiff