Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Updates:  Karsie is still growing.  We went into the G.I. (Gastrointestinal) doctor today to do a follow up on her elevated bilirubin levels.  While waiting for the checkup they weighed her and she weighed 7 lbs 11 oz.  That's up 4 oz. from Friday when we weighed her at the pediatrician's office.  

To make things a little more interesting today, Karsie drank 100 mL of breast milk today during her 6:00 feeding!!!  Granted, that's a bit high for her and she may barf some of that back, but it's wonderful to see that she can do it.  

We had some very lovely visits today with some wonderful people.  First, our pastor family (Rob and Debbie) stopped by to say hi and pray with us.  We had a relaxing time just sitting and visiting with them.  We also were able to visit two very special nurses to Karsie.  We had a blast and love that Karsie is addicting!

We've been able to isolate Karsie's issues to just being grumpy in the late afternoon (incidentally, that's when Kevin is grumpy too...Karsie got his gene).  Since we have discovered that, we have been taking her on walks around that time in the stroller, which she LOVES, and we get some exercise while Karsie gets a little ride/nap.  This takes the edge off of her tantrum later and, amazingly, doesn't keep her up at night.  

We do want to put out a special prayer request to all that have been so amazing praying for our little one.  We have a dear friend who's baby, Kelty, is very sick and in need of prayer now.  We will not discuss all of the details as we have not asked permission, but just know that she needs the support of prayer, and we know that we've got a good bunch of warriors that are connected to this blog.  So if you have time, pray for baby Kelty.  

Until next time....


  1. Good plan re taking her for a stroll during grumpy time!
    And whoopee that she grew! And ate a lot!
    And so nice you had a good visit with your pastor...
    Fantastic stuff!
    Are you guys getting used to smiling a lot more nowadays?

    Of course prayers are said for little Kelty and her family. If you may, let us know how she is?
    In any case, let her family know, there are many prayers being said for her.

    I pray you can all smile and laugh and play, and relax, and enjoy all the good bits.
    Love, Jen.

  2. Praying here in Idaho