Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Very Quick Update (9-22)

Breathing:  They actually took off the nasal cannula to see how she would do.

Feeding:  Still doing well.  Tolerating 2 on and 1 off.  Laura, Karsie's dietician, wants to start increasing her calories again, but not at the same time as a condense day.  We'll see how they work that out.

Compression:  Dr. Saenz came by the bedside when Michelle was there and she mentioned the compression method.  He said he would be happy to look into it.  That willingness really makes us happy, even if it doesn't work out that she can have that done.  

Until tomorrow...


  1. That is AWESOME that he was willing to look in to it!

    I will continue to pray for tolerated feeds with no vomitting issues as well as good breathing without the canula! They look so much different without all that "stuff" on their sweet little faces!

    Hugs - Tiffany

  2. I'm so glad for the good news lately... we're really hoping that feeding continues to go really well and that Karsie gets released from the NICU soon! We miss her! (Which might seem a little strange when we've never exactly met her, but it's true nonetheless!) :)