Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thank You

Karsie LOVES her doll!  We tried to get a good image of her interaction with it (after she examined her for a long time) but they all came out a little blurry.  We continue to be very thankful for for featuring Karsie and promoting prayer.  She is a real testament to the power of prayer.  

A quick update:  Tomorrow she goes off TPN providing there are no setbacks.  They have power weaned her on her feeding to the point where she will be taken off of it tomorrow.  Also, she has taken another small step forward on her breathing as her O2 flow is now at 1 liter.  When she is weaned to .5 then 0, they will most likely take her off of the nasal cannula.  

Prayer request:  This isn't a major concern yet, but Karsie is having some bad reflux lately, especially when she is orally fed.  We are a little nervous that she will develop an aversion to the oral feeding as it makes her stomach hurt, but so far it hasn't.  We're trying to develop ways to stop that, so we request a little bit of prayer on that.  Also, her blood pressure has been a teensie bit high lately.  The doctors aren't real concerned about it, but they are watching it.  We have a continual prayer request that she does not develop an infection as well.  That would set her back quite a bit from all of the progress she has made over the past few weeks.  Thank you so much.


  1. Wow, Karsie's doll is SO cute!!! I'm sure Karsie loves her VERY much!

  2. Do they think her stomach actually hurts as a result of the reflux? Both Garrett and Matthew have had horrible reflux. (I realize that Karsie's situation is MUCH different than my boys and I'm not trying to compare them.) Garrett would throw up his entire feeding it seemed. However, he never seemed like it hurt him. He just went about his day. Is there the chance that she'd just have reflux and not be particularly bothered by it?

  3. The doll is amazing and PERFECT! Glad she likes it!

  4. Love the doll. So adorable! I know that will be special for years, perhaps generations.