Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just a Tease (Update Added)

 This was taken today without her nasal cannula. We'll have more for tonight, but we thought we would give you a sneak preview of Karsie's face. The tape is off now, so other than her tube and the tape that holds that, she has a face!

Update:  So, Kevin forgot the camera on the kitchen table.  We'll have to extend the promise to take pictures without the tube until tomorrow. Sorry.  But she's still adorable...and still no spitups so far tonight.  Keep eating your calories Karsie!  


  1. We just spent a long time together silently staring at her beautiful face. Yay! It is so precious to finally get an unhindered view of her! She is just absolutely amazing, and we're so glad that so much progress has been made lately in terms of breathing and eating... and of course we're praying that she starts gaining weight ASAP! Good luck with the meetings tomorrow... we'll definitely be thinking about you as you have these important conversations, and we'll be anxious to hear about the answers you get!

  2. Whoopeee!
    More pics with no tape please?
    Hopefully the eating will get better without air being blown into her stomach? If she can handle the breathing part?
    Good luck Karsie!
    Love, Jen x

  3. She is just a Beauty! My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Love, Pam

  4. She's so beautiful! Its just amazing and wonderful to see her without anything in the way. You must just be thrilled!

    Love, Jenn Klein

  5. Ahhh! We have a face!!! Can't wait to see more of her!!!