Monday, September 7, 2009

Evening Update (9-7)

Karsie took her feed well tonight. She has had a good day with the bottle as she has taken all of her milk without any spit up (except the very little bit this morning that we reported). She is off of the TPN!!! She is getting clear liquids with glucose for a few days just to make sure she handles the switch okay, but so far so good. We may have forgotten to mention that if she handles being off of the TPN for a few days she will most likely have her PIC line taken out. This is the line that is inserted from her foot into one of her veins and goes directly into her heart. We will be happy to get this out for multiple reasons. One being it gets a line out of her body; two being it keeps a possible infection away; and three being we can dress her feet with socks and onesies and such.


  1. WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL! Karsie wants to go HOME and she is doing everything she can to make that happen!! Way to go Karsie! And thank you God!

  2. I'm so glad to hear about her being off of the TPN... Yay! And it will be really exciting when the PIC line comes out!