Friday, September 11, 2009


Not a whole lot to report since last night.  Karsie is weighing around 3.1 kilos which roughly translates to 6 lbs. 13 or 14 oz.  She has stayed that weight for quite a long time - lost a bit but roughly stayed around the same.  When the nurse practitioner rounds on Karsie today she will decide whether or not to put her on rice cereal, but we're pretty sure she will because Laura, Karsie's dietician, recommended it. 

Also, Karsie has a new crib.  This bed, while it looks more fun, has fewer features than her giraffe bed.  She lost a warmer and a built-in scale, but she really doesn't need those anymore. Other babies need them more, so we will oblige.

Finally, there was some bad news given about the hospital visiting policy, but there was also a silver lining involved.  They are getting real close to shutting down the NICU visiting to only parents.  Reva will still be able to go in with Michelle, but only on days that Kevin is not in town.  This means Grandpa will not get to go in anymore, which is very sad as he is very soothing to Karsie.  She will just need to start healing faster for him.  However, Jennifer, our social worker, told us that Kevin's mom could come in one more time before they shut it down. They are not sure when it will be shut down, but it could be real soon with very little notice. We are very excited that Grandma gets to come down one more time since she will now get to hold Karsie.  This way all the grandparents will have gotten to do that.  
In between feedings.  She's a sloppy eater, but real curious about why Dad is doing the feeding now.
Karsie in her new digs.
Mom helps out with the tubes while Karsie dreams of not being in the NICU (we're not sure how she would do this as she has never not been in the NICU).
Karsie's new Big-Girl-Bed.  It can tilt up more to help with reflux.


  1. We are praying for this little cutie pie. Hope she starts gaining soon. Like the new crib.

  2. I like the new crib! So much nicer to have a real baby bed and less technlogy.
    Bummer about the visiting.
    Did they start the rice cereal? I can see how she needs the extra calories to do all the extra healing & skin growing. Rice does work well for spit ups too.
    I didn't understand about how some food value would be lost as it went in via the tube. Maybe check with Grandma and clarify that one with her!
    Anyway, it is a good move, to be in a real bed, with less tubes & less machines, wearing clothes, and looking extraordinarily CUTE!
    Hugs all round, Jen.

  3. Jen - we asked about that last night. The dietician said that she could be losing some of the fat content if it separates in the syringe. It's probably not a whole lot, but some.

  4. Love the new pic of her looking at you! What a doll! Can't wait to meet her & squeeze her...well not too hard though! Congrats on all the progress! :) We will be praying that she fattens up a bit. Owen sends kisses...slobbery banana, avacado, and rice cereal kisses!