Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to the Updates (Pinky Picture)

No post yesterday.  We decided to take a day off, and luckily we didn't get any hate mail.

Breathing:  Karsie has been weaned to 1/4 liters of flow from her nasal cannula.  They tried to take her off completely, but she breathed a little too fast for comfort, so they put her to .250 L of flow which was down from a half liter.  Her O2 saturation levels have been great.  It probably won't be long now until she is off of it altogether, but she needs to tolerate it.

Pinky:  Everything still looks real good with Pinky.  Dr. Saenz came by today and looked at it and said everything looks real good.  They are still putting adaptix on the two yellow spots, but other than that, Karsie is growing a little skin each day.  Here's a picture of what it looked like a few days ago:
Feeding:  This is going to be our most frustrating area, we think, until Karsie goes home.  She continues to throw up every now and then, which we have been reassured is not a big deal as long as her frequency doesn't go up.  She has been put on vitamins to help supplement the breast milk as well as an increased dose of the rice cereal.  The vitamins are orange, and the other day was a little freaky when she spit up and pooped orange before we knew she was on the vitamins.  She has gained a small amount of weight since we last posted her weight.  We'll start to post that to keep track.  Her lowest weight (since a week or two ago) was 3.08 kilos. (in order to find out her weight in pounds you have to multiply by 2.2).  The next day she went up to 3.12, then to 3.11, then today she was 3.14:  A good weight for a math nerd.  We're not exactly sure how each nurse weighs, so we're not sure how to feel about each weight day by day. Sometimes they weigh with socks on, sometimes socks off...etc.  Also, she has lost her PIC line, which would have bumped her up just a tad.  Anyway, lots of variables, but the small progress is there.  We were also told that growing is not just in weight but in hair growth, length, head circumference, etc. and she is doing all those things, so all is good so far.

Feeding (cont.):  She is still not increasing tremendously on her bottle feeding appetite.  There is talk to moving her feeding to more times a day, but she still hits a wall at about 10mLs at one time.  There is also talk to try and condense the feedings so she is getting more at one time and less right after so she will start to work her way to going 3 hours of getting nothing followed by a big bottle of food.  And we thought the breathing was long.     

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