Sunday, August 30, 2009

Update (8-30)

This is as close to holding as we get, but it's better than nothing. This is from Friday; when we are around for dressing and linen changes we get to pick her up. She wants a hi-five from her daddy but he can't give it since his hands are occupied.

Since this morning, Karsie has been continuing to do well. Michelle stayed home this morning and probably for the day because of a sore throat. She thinks it's just a little raw from the heat, but she's playing it safe. When Kevin went in this morning, Karsie was just about to go to 9mL an hour on her feeding and 7 mL on her TPN. We hope that scale continues to be lopsided in favor of milk. She was pretty upset at first, but then calmed down when she was picked up. Hopefully the doctors were paying attention to that. She gets real fussy at times and she screams so much she turns purple until she realizes she's not breathing. We haven't seen her patch since we took the pictures, but from what we hear everything still looks good.

Kevin had a nice visit, but had to go home again. Luckily next weekend is a long weekend.

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  1. I am so glad you got to hold her again...even though it isn't quite like you want to! :) Hopefully this is just means you are one step closer! And yay for getting so much milk! What a good little girl she is! :)