Friday, August 21, 2009

Update (8-21)

We are absolutely in love with this string of boring days we have been having.  

First of all, Karsie is up to 6mL an hour and handling it.  Again, it's important for her to handle it as it shows her bowels and other digestive organs are working under the patch, plus it lessens the amount of TPN she will need to supplement what she is not getting but supposed to be getting. The TPN will start to hurt her liver if she gets it for a longer period of time.  

Secondly, Karsie has been doing so well on her breathing that they increased the amount of time she is on nasal cannula to 6 hours each shift.  In other words, she is now on it half of the day. At some point we believe they will just decide to lift the CPAP completely, but for now we are happy she is getting half of the day off of it as it shows she is breathing well.

The patch still looks good.  There wasn't as much leakage from the right side that we reported yesterday, so that is good.  Leakage isn't bad as long as it's moderate.  

Kevin made it safely to Bakersfield and is now starting the long Fall journey of back and forth from work to family.  Please pray for Karsie's skin to grow so this journey will be much shorter than we all anticipate at this time.  

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