Monday, August 24, 2009

More Spit-Up

Well, after Michelle and her mom left last night, there was apparently more spit-up. Probably another 7mL. This put Karsie back to 5mL an hour on her milk feeds and back up to 9mL an hour on her TPN. She is still pooping, so the nurse practitioner said she would still go up today (by 0.5mL) to 5.5mL. This allows a little break for Karsie's stomach. She tolerated 5.5 well, so they went down and will slowly try to work their way back up again. There has been no spit-up today so hopefully this will just be a little set back and Karsie will do better this time around.
Otherwise, she is continuing to improve in the other areas. She is on nasal cannula 6 hours each shift and today she was holding steady with 27% O2. The nurse was going to check and see if that would be increased to maybe 8 hours. Her labs came back today and the TPN is still causing her biliruben level to be elevated, but the level is not increasing.
She is starting to turn nocturnal... so she was asleep most of the visit today. Hopefully she will get her schedule straightened out soon! This will not work when she gets to come home ;)
She also has her primary nurses back for the next few days! This is great because they know her and know how to handle her best! This makes both Michelle and Kevin feel much better.
Karsie looking at a picture of daddy! This way she doesn't miss him as much while he is gone!

Karsie got to wear her first sock today. Her foot was getting cold... so Michelle put a little sock on to keep her warm. The other food stays warm from the dressing on the picc line and the O2 lead.


  1. Just wait til her Auntie has her for a while...she'll be on a schedule for mommy in no time!

  2. Love the sock....Love the picture of Kevin! What a great idea!

  3. Hang in there re the spit ups....she will do her two steps forward, one step back thing. It's a long, slow haul. She will get there, in her own time, as she is able.
    She is still overall, going the right way!
    I am so pleased she is progressing with her breathing, her bilirubin is stable, Patch is hanging in there and she is growing new skin! Good job kiddo!
    And great job Mom & Dad!
    You are the best, most loving, caring and devoted parents, Karsie is a very lucky little girl!
    Everyone remember to rest, eat and sleep, okay?
    Love, Jen.