Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Karsie's Blog Helping Medical Issues

We have found another reason why we keep this blog going.  Today one of the doctors came by and basically said that they learned from this experience that they will want to keep the parents from holding their babies after the Gore-Tex patch is put on as it was the reason Karsie's patch ripped.  We felt like we were kind of blamed, even if that wasn't the intention, for Karsie's patch ripping.  

While at the time this comment stunned us and made us feel bad, we looked up on the blog at the times we held her versus when her patch ripped a stitch.  You can even check.  July 31 was our first time getting to hold Karsie.  August 2nd (during the morning) Michelle held her while she was being extremely fussy just for a little bit until we finally decided that she needed to be back.  It was on August 3rd, more than 24 hours after Michelle briefly held her the second time and almost four days after we held her the first time that our nurse informed us of two stitches ripping.  So either they missed the ripped stitch at least 4 times (as they are supposed to change the dressing every 6 hours), which is doubtful, or holding our daughter didn't cause the ripping of the stitch.  We're pretty sure it's the latter.  

We plan on nicely explaining this to the doctors, but we're also sure it's in their chart, so there should be no miscommunication there.  Either way, it's not a nice thing to hear, but we are put at ease as we were able to look it up.  Hooray blog!


  1. We had a neonatologist when Jon was in NICU who had absolutely no bedside manner. We are fairly certain that he couldn't have been married or even able to function like a human outside of the walls of the NICU. Even if the stitches ripping were caused by you, don't ever lose sight of the fact that you were allowed to hold her. That decision was made by trained medical staff. You didn't just take it upon yourself to pick her up and take her out of her isolette.

    She is doing great and part of that is because of you guys. Don't let comments like that get to you.


  2. Argh! Some very bright people have absolutely no abilities with communication and blythley rip into your heart without a clue.
    I am so glad you know your holding Karsie did not cause any harm.
    I hope you tell the doctor the facts, and that you felt blamed and therefore guilty of doing harm.
    The doctor was wrong, and probably has no idea of the harm done to you by the comments.
    I am so glad you said you would NICELY explain this! (It would take me an enormous amount of strength to explain this nicely!) But it does no good to antagonize anyone.
    Eloquence is the ability to tell someone to go to hell and have them look forward to the journey.
    It seems to me that doctor should be spoken to eloquently!
    And then forgiven their tresspasses....

    Love to all, Jen x