Friday, August 14, 2009

Karsie Looks Around With Grandma

Update and pictures to come, but as this has been a very busy day and we are about to go back to the hospital, we only have time to put this up....enjoy.


  1. Oh those eyes.

    I can't stand it. I have the most ridiculously compelling urge to gobble her up. (In a good way!)

  2. Oh glad to see her with Grandma...finally!!! I love hearing her little cry!! You'll have to post a good scream for me some time!!

  3. Wow, that video is so awesome! She's so beautiful and I loved getting to watch her big eyes for so long. Also, yay for Grandma getting to spend time with Karsie!
    Ok, I think I'm going to watch the video again... :)