Monday, August 17, 2009

Karsie Discovers Her Tongue


  1. G: What is that?
    Me: It's a baby, silly.
    G: Oh. It's our baby.
    Me: It's baby Karsie.
    G: I love baby Tarsie. (not a typo)
    Me: Yeah.
    G: Why is baby Tarsie at the dentist?
    Me: What? She's not.
    G: Okay. (the video ends) Let's watch her again!

  2. I gather you still cannot hold her, so I pray you can find a way to manage coping with that sadness.
    However you can put it into a perspective....however you can do everything comforting and loving - other than holding.
    I pray you can find a way to let that basic want go for a while, and be at peace.
    Maybe let God hold her for you, for now?

    By the way, she is the cutest baby in the world!
    Much love, Jen.