Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Days

After three weeks and two days....Karsie was fed breast milk!!!  She has been doing very well on her eating and today was her first meal.   We will hopefully have a video of that first feed up later today.

She has been so calm today!  Both Jamie and Ruth (our night and day primaries) told us that she slept most of the time and when she did get up it was much easier to console her.  We hope this is the trend from now on.

Karsie's patch rips are up to seven, but there is some good news.  First of all, the doctors and nurses have fashioned a support for Karsie's patch so she doesn't hit it directly and so that there isn't so much pull when she is on her side.  Add to that fact Dr. Saenz said that she can be on her back, it will hopefully slow down this deterioration.  Secondly, we have a specific prayer request now.  Dr. Saenz said that if we can get through a week or two without something big happening like the liver or bowels poking out, or lots more stitches ripping, we might be out of the woods because the granulation will be much more scabbed and able to withstand the patch not being there.  

Karsie's breathing was a bit quick earlier today, so they upped the pressure a tad, but her gases still looked great and she is still doing very well.  

Overall, today was a really good day for her.  


  1. I agree with the above, and food is good too!
    Now can you start telling us how many mls she is getting, so we can see her progress?
    I imagine it is a tiny number to start with, and might have to stop and start again....but as with her ventilator rates and change to CPAP....the amount of food she tolerates wil be something to cheer about too!
    I am so glad she was happier today.
    And I hope patch hangs in there.
    Much ove, Jen xxx

  2. That is such good news! What a strong baby! She is a God's little miracle....and yours.
    Love you both,
    Drew and Meghan Parker

  3. Sorry....I meant to say....she is God's little miracle...not a God's miracle. :)

  4. Jen - she is taking 3 mL of milk.