Monday, August 10, 2009

Ding Dong...Lucifer's Dead!

Today was the day Karsie would have been delivered had she not decided to come early.  Maybe it was good it was on her terms.  

She is still continuing to be calmer.  When we are there there have been things done to her that usually make her mad, but she is able to be comforted.  She has lately been wrapped up tight with straps holding her limbs snug which we think makes her happy.  Also, her patch has been secured amazingly.  We watched the nurse change her dressing and she unwrapped foam, tons of gauze, wet pads, shields, ties, and cover it with a foam pad and a blanket.  That thing's not going anywhere (hopefully).  The surgeon also came by today and said it still looks good.  We were able to see it today and it doesn't look as high as it did earlier and the part that is exposed is really granulated, so things are looking good at this point.

She has been giving lots of spitup lately, so instead of feeding her 3 mL every 3 hours of milk, she is getting a continuous feed of 1 mL every hour.  

Her breathing has looked good except one thing that happened when we were there.  The first 5 minutes or so that we were there she had an episode of apnea where she just forgot to breath or stopped breathing for just a bit.  It was slightly concerning to us as we were seeing her turn a tad bluer, but it apparently isn't too abnormal for preemies.  They grow out of it after a while and she was able to turn it around quickly, but seeing your daughter turn blue isn't too fun.   This was apparently the only time she had done it and it was a little suspicious since she was given a bit of morphine last night, so we're hoping that was just a reaction.  

Finally, her infection is gone.  Lucifer is dead.


  1. Glad Lucifer is finally gone and that the patch looks good! :) Also glad that they secured her patch so well! Way to go nurses! :)

  2. Jon did that turn blue thing the first night we brought him home. He was nursing and he forgot to breathe because he was so busy sucking and swallowing. I had to thump his little foot to get him to breathe. I was so scared that I wanted to take him back to the hospital. Congrats on Lucifer being gone and the patch looking strong.

  3. Um....yeah on being scared! The nurse just stroked her chest a bit and turned up her O2 a tad. We know it's supposed to be normal, but I gotta tell doesn't look "normal" to see that.