Friday, July 17, 2009


So the plan at this point was to give you some information a few hours ago.  Not so.  The doctor has not come in to talk to us yet and at this point we have a new doctor, but still aware of our situation.

Michelle's contractions slowed down considerably last night which makes us wonder if they will try to push it.  However, the medicine that is keeping Michelle's uterus happy is making Michelle not so happy.  We are fairly certain (without any console yet) that even if they decide to push it, it won't be too terribly long.  Michelle has moved from about a 3cm cervix on Wed. to being 1 cm dilated this morning.  While this can be a very slow process for most pregnancies, we are not wanting to get to that point.  We'll keep you posted when we find things out.

(While I was typing this the nurse came in and said our doc is on his way, and he wanted to make sure Michelle was not having any liquids, so it sounds like he's planning on a c-section to us...but we'll find out for sure soon).

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