Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thank You Mercy Maternal Child Staff!

This quilt is a prayer quilt that the nurses from Scripps Mercy gave to us. You will probably not be able to see it unless you really zoom in, but there are many, many, many knots that cover the blanket that all represent a prayer that one of the nurses or one of the staff prayed for our little girl. It is full of knots, which means we were blessed with a lot of prayer. We thank you all so much for your prayers, and to honor your faith we have put it up over Karsie the first opportunity that we were given. She now has a little igloo that needs covering at night, and we brought down your quilt to cover it so everyone that looks can witness how your prayers have helped our baby. Thank you so very much!

Karsie liked having Nana hold her head. Her stats went up when her head and feet were held.

Karsie's new Snow White encasing when we are not there.

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  1. how special, prayer quilts are relly neat! I'm so gald to hear all the great improvements...yeah to pooping and new venilator!