Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Morning Update (7-28)

Karsie is 11 days old!  We went in today to check on her and we noticed a new friend with her:  a new ventilator!  She has been taken off the higher ventilator and moved to a more conventional ventilator. Hopefully she handles this well, and it looks like she is handling it.  This is a great first step toward getting to hold her, feed her, and eventually (not for many months) take her home.  

We were also able to start doing day to day tasks that moms and dads get to do on their newborns.  Kevin was able to take her temperature, which we think is because the babies hate it and they want to give the hater task to the parents.  Also, Michelle was able to change her diaper. Karsie's catheter was taken out, so she now is able to mess her pants.  We have video of our first change, but it's a little long and blogspot might not handle it.  We'll try.

As far as the news that everyone is waiting for, we have some of our own:  Neurologists (and many doctors for that matter) are frustrating.  Our social worker called to see if he was coming down to talk with us and he said he would "some time this afternoon."  That's about the same line as we were fed about when the results were going to come in before we had to practically hold up the hospital to get some information.  We said that we would prefer not to camp out at the hospital all day and she said that we would get a call in that case.  So, at "some point" today we should have some news.  However, we were told again by a different person that it was not burst suppression anymore, so we are hopeful that it is starting to correct itself even though it is still abnormal.  We are also getting encouraging news from people that have had EEGs or experience with them that they know someone that had an abnormal EEG for an extended period of time after birth and they ended up just fine.  While that can be a lot of anxious waiting, we're hoping that is our case if we don't get a "normal" reading sooner.  However, we should have some news from the actual doctor "some time" today.  


  1. This is so encouraging!! Praise God for what He's done in Karsie's life and what He's yet to do!!! She is His child!!

    Love you both <3

  2. Oh! I'm so glad you've been able to do some "normal" tangible things to care for Karsie. What a joy to get to change her diaper and take her temperature! That must've felt good. :) Little good things, one at a time. Love you guys, still praying and thinking of Karsie all thoughout the day. Love you, Lindsay