Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jailbreak Planned for Later in the Week...

So Dr. Cousins came in today real early in the morning and said that everything is looking excellent.  Karsie looks good, Michelle looks good, and the situation is strong.  At this point in the morning we were barely awake to make any kind of sense of this, but we knew it was good news.  He then said that the only reason at this point that we are in is to monitor the two times a day.  

Well, that woke us up.  We are now wondering if we can possibly use some of our charm and P.R. skills to coax the doctors to let us out and come in once a day to monitor, or maybe have us monitor at home.  We will be using our developed skills in phases to let us out:

1.  Logic and reason - explain why it is more beneficial to let us out rather than keep us in

2.  Flattery - explain that we have so much confidence in their ability that we can leave and still get the best care

3.  Whining - talk about why we are tired and uncomfortable and how we are stressed and that's not good for the baby...and if all else fails

4.  All out complainfest - make it so annoying for them to keep us in that they let us out to get rid of us

"Freeeeeeeeedooooooooooom!!!!" (Braveheart style)

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