Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hospital Visit and Schedule for the Week

Today was interesting!  We went into the hospital at 9:00 to monitor Karsie and Michelle started to contract again.  We're pretty sure at this point that she contracts with anxiety.  After a short time of monitoring they stopped it and put us into a room so they could monitor easier. Dr. Dowling, our more conservative doctor in the group, ordered a vaginal ultrasound along with an abdominal ultrasound.  Karsie still looked good and nothing had really changed since he admitted us almost 2 weeks ago.  Then he looked to check Michelle's cervix to make sure that hadn't shortened.  It still measures 5 1/2 cm, which if you know anything about cervixes is huge.  That's great news!  He said she's still in the 90th percentile as far as length of cervix goes. Therefore, Michelle's contractions were the only thing concerning at the time.  Dowling also ordered a FFN, which is the test we had a month ago if you have been following our blog.  We were concerned that Karsie was not going to go into labor this week.  That came back negative, so Karsie will pretty much make it at least one to two more weeks (providing nothing is concerning enough for them to take her early).  Dowling finally ordered monitoring of Karsie and the contractions and made sure Michelle didn't have more than 6 an hour.  Michelle did have more than 6, so he let her do another to make sure everything was a fluke.  Thankfully it was!  We were able to get through the hour with 1 contraction, maybe 2.  

This week's schedule:

Sunday:  Go back in to get monitored at the hospital
Monday:  Monitoring at Dr. Cousins
Tuesday:  Meet with Dr. Saenz (surgeon)
Wednesday:  Monitoring at Dr. Cousins
Thursday:  Day off
Friday:  Monitoring at Dr. Cousins

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