Friday, July 3, 2009

Home Bedrest Day 1

Complete.  We have successfully completed a day at "home" while doing pretty much nothing, but loving every bit of it.  Kevin has been doing the nurses' jobs by getting all the food, moving things around, etc.  It is worth it to have Michelle happy and more rested.  Everything seemed good today.  Michelle's blood sugar was within the range each time she tested.  She is feeling very minimal contractions, and Karsie made her kick count on time.  Today was a bit funny.  It took a little while longer for her to get to 10 (maybe about 20 min.) but as soon as she got to 10 kicks she seemed to get on a drumset and went to town on the double bass drum.  If she only would have done that to begin with so Michelle didn't have to focus for that long.  Stubborn little girl. 

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  1. Yeaaa for being at home! Glad you're able to have some comfort for a little while!!! Thinking of you guys! :)