Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here We Go...

Today is Day 1 of a multiple day blitz on Karsie's situation.  We are getting ready to head off to the hospital to do our morning checkup.  At this point, the surgeon may or may not have come by to begin squeezing in her bowels, but at some point today, depending on his schedule, he will. This will end early next week (Monday or Tuesday) when she goes back in to patch her up with a Gore-Tex patch (we realized that gortex wasn't right when we looked it up...we're going back and fixing all of that for research sake).

Also, if you haven't noticed a slight change to our blog on the left, we have set up an email address for Karsie.  We have all been so blessed with the thoughts and prayers sent her way, but if some of you would like to send her a note or a prayer in writing you can send it to  We figure it would be really neat in a few years to have her sit down and really understand how much she has been lifted up by reading little notes to her specifically.  Michelle and I will not read them until she is much older or we need to print them. 

Much thanks...


  1. We're praying extra hard for the next few days as Karsie undergoes this series of procedures. She has been such a fighter so far, and hopefully will continue to be!
    I love the email idea... I've been hoping that the blog would still exist (or that you'd have printed out sections) when Karsie is old enough to read it. It's such an amazing play-by-play account of how events have unfolded, and how we've all reacted to them. (A good primary source is a very precious thing. :) ) I'm so glad you thought to do this blog many months ago, and I know that the emails will also be really special to Karsie!

  2. Kevin and Michelle,
    We will be asking our church to pray for Karsie and you guys. We believe that God is in control and he will be right beside you all the way.
    What a beautiful little girl she is.
    Del and Nancy Maxwell