Sunday, July 26, 2009

Change of Plans

For those of you waiting to hear how the squeezing went, so are we.  We went in this evening and it hadn't been done, but we could tell the siloh looked like it had been moved.  When we asked the nurse practitioner, she said that the on-call surgeon this weekend looked at it and decided against it.  We think he tried putting just a tiny bit in, but really decided against doing too much as it is such a small abdominal cavity.  At this point we are thinking that everything will be done at once when she goes into surgery early next week.  She will probably go in either late Monday or early Tuesday, but so far we have not been notified of a time.  


  1. praying continually..waiting for the next miracle. God IS good. love, tricia

  2. that just means that we have more time to pray for the surgery (and for mommy and daddy)!