Tuesday, July 7, 2009

August 11

We met with Dr. Saenz, our surgeon, today and he took us into his office to show us some pictures of omphaloceles that he has done. Based on our situation he showed us pictures and cases that would be close to what ours was like. It's not a pretty defect.

For the time being, our delivery date is August 11. We will double check with our perinatologist, Dr. Cousins, tomorrow and make sure he is available, but until things change or if Karsie comes early she will be born Tuesday, August 11.

Everything sounds very promising. He showed us a siloh, which is something that we may have to use if he can't get everything inside in one day. (although it sounds like if we can go a few more weeks he can get it in). The siloh looks like a big plastic bottle lining that covers the omphalocele until he can push more in.

The other outstanding news is that it doesn't sound like a very long time that Karsie will be at the Children's hospital NICU. It may be a shorter time she stays there until she is moved to Mary Birch's NICU, which is the unit that is open door and anyone can see her with our accompaniment.

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  1. Sounds good! I think August 11 will be a very nice birthday for Karsie!