Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Prayer Request

Karsie just had her bandages changed. She did great. This means she is getting a bit more stable. Also, Dr. Losasso is very happy with the way things are looking. It was repeated to me again that this was going to be a multiple month process, but her vitals are still looking good. We are having a meeting with our doctors today to go over some specifics of Karsie's progression, but one thing that is a newer development is worth adding the the prayer checklist.

Along with praying for her to do well on the ventilator, her blood pressure, and her brain tests, we need to pray for her bowel as well. It looked slightly discolored today. This could be a number of things, many of which not serious at all, but it is being watched. The surgeon didn't seem to think it was a huge deal immediately, but he definitely is wanting to watch it. He thought maybe the angle at which the siloh was hung needed to be changed. Anyway, something new to add on to the list. Eventually, we hope to start taking things off the list, but we'll probably add more before we start to eliminate.

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