Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nesting via Skype

This week was the first of a few times this summer that Kevin made the trip to Bakersfield to check on the house and tend to some necessities. He left San Diego on Monday and will be returning to San Diego Thursday at some point.
During this trip, he took all Karsie's newly acquired belongings back to Bakersfield with the assignment of putting them away! Michelle laid out specific instructions on where each item was to be put and sent those along with Kevin as well. Like a wonderful and very supportive husband, Kevin obliged. He took all the loot into her room, opened up the computer and gave Michelle a call via Skype so she could be a part of the nesting! He did a fantastic job putting everything away and he really even seemed to understand what was what and the purpose of all the items. There were a couple little set-backs, like figuring out what the spit-rags were and understanding how to hang a dress with coordinating panties. He was a trooper and did a really great job. He even hung a branch with little birdies (a decoration from the shower) from the celing for Karsie!
He really helped Michelle nest and get the room ready, even if she was sitting in San Diego watching through a computer screen!


  1. Yes I did! You're welcome! :)

  2. Major brownie points, Kev! What a good daddy.

  3.'re awesome!!