Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Night

So, tonight is the last night we will have in Bakersfield, together, until we bring Karsie home (hopefully sometime in the early fall).  We have been frantically packing and getting everything in order so the house does not float away while we are gone.  Michelle has managed to get most of the packing done without any anxiety attacks (which is great news if you know anything about Michelle and her feelings towards packing).  The dogs are aware something is going on too... but they are not aware that they are coming with us and will reside in San Diego for a few months.  They have gotten caught up on their shots and today they got baths.  They probably think this is just some kind of mean torture before we leave on vacation.  Karsie has her own little duffle bag full of clothes and accessories that will be ready for her when she gets to leave the hospital.  We are realizing that we are looking at a whole lot of "lasts" and looking forward to a whole lot of "firsts."  Things are about to change in a really big way, and we are trying to appreciate the together time we have left before baby!  We are really looking forward to having Karsie finally come, but we want to make sure to enjoy the few weeks we have together before we become parents.  

To our Bakersfield friends and family... make sure you plan your San Diego trips to see us!  We will miss you all terribly and cannot wait to come home with Baby Karsie and get back to "normal."  

To our San Diego friends and family... here we come!!!  We will be seeing you all very very soon :) 


  1. This is a big night, I know. Your family will be different when you return to your home! I'm proud of you for not being totally overwhelmed by the packing... this is certainly a bigger ordeal than any normal vacation! :) And, while you wait for Karsie to arrive, David and I are looking forward to getting to see lots of you two!

  2. Thinking about you Michelle and following your progress. I am praying for everything to go so smoothly and for you to be "carried" through it all. Can't wait to hear about the happy arrival. Frances