Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heart News!

A-Ok.  The heart is not causing the fluid in the abdomen and it looks great!  So far, the heart has been solid as a rock when we go in for appointments.  We will be continuing to see what is causing the fluid.

We are about to step out to tour the Children's Hospital NICU, which we will maybe see some premies.  Karsie will spend a good chunk of time there after she is born, so we were given special permission to tour it.  It's lucky to have a mom working in the field.

We are also waiting on our surgeon that will hopefully come after we come back from the NICU.  


  1. This is good news!

  2. I am very happy Karsie's heart is good, and well done Michelle on giving yourself a shot!
    Thank you so much for posting so many frequent updates. I know there are so many people praying and thinking about all of you, and sending masses of love. It is great to be able to click on the blog and see how you all are, THANK YOU!
    I'll be interested to hear what you thought about the NICU. I think it is a scary looking place, and I work there sometimes.....but the staff are wonderful and they love babies, and you will be in really great, caring hands there.
    There are just an awful lot of machines that go BING.
    Love to all of you, and Karsie dear? BE GOOD!
    Love, Jen.

  3. I am willing to go over to the house at any time for any reason. Just give me the nod and I'm there. :-)

  4. Hi :) Mike is planning on driving by the house often on his way home from work! Yay for working in Taft huh? Thanks for the guys are loved! Hugs for Karsie