Friday, May 22, 2009

Further Update

Here are the subjects that have been covered:

1.  Hole in the heart - At this point the doctor said that he does not believe that it is a hole, but just to play it safe we have been referred to a heart specialist for another fetal echo.  If it is a hole, it was so small that nothing will probably need to be done.  Even if something needs to be done, it is not a huge problem to correct.  

2.  Omphalocele - Bob hasn't changed much since the last sonogram, but he seems to be growing at a normal rate.  We think there is either a cyst growing next to Bob or part of the umbilical cord making another sac filled with fluid.  There is a more concerning possibility that was discussed earlier that the sac could be part of Karsie's bowel, but the doctor did not seem to think that was the case.  He also said that the size of Bob was moderate, which is decent news to us.

3.  Inflamed vessels - The doctor did say that some of the vessels in the heart were slightly inflamed, but he thought that was due to the blood having to get to Bob.  

4.  Week 34 - To play it safe, this is the new week we are shooting for.  Kevin asked when Karsie would be okay to be born since premature birth is our biggest concern at this point.  The doctor said normally he would say week 32, but because of our case and to play it safe he said week 34, which would put us around July 12 (our anniversary).  We will probably have to have another amnio to start checking the lungs.  

5.  Birth - We did also talk about what the birth will be like.  The doctor said that it is pretty certain that a cesarian section is going to happen and that Karsie will have to go into surgery. He concluded by saying that she will stay in the hospital probably for a while.  He said that a month is not uncommon.  However, the longer she brews before birth and the bigger she gets will make it less likely she will stay for an extended amount of time.  

We have another appointment on Tuesday and possibly a phantom appointment soon (as the cardiologist will need to get back to us on an available appointment).  We will keep you guys posted.  Thoughts and prayers are appreciated.  


  1. Thanks so much for giving us such quick updates about your appointment today! I'm glad that it was mostly positive news, but with a couple of iffy things in there. We will, as always, be praying for a best-case scenario for all of it!

  2. i love you guys ssssoooo much...matt and i will continue to pray that Karsie will be healthy and happy!