Thursday, April 16, 2009

List of Things to Do...

1.  Stain the bedroom furniture to match the crib
2.  Wait for the crib to arrive
3.  Paint the walls
4.  Wash paint off of Kevin
5.  Fix the painting that Kevin did
6.  Put up panelling
7.  Multiple trips to Goodwill
8.  Trip to San Diego to meet with doctors
9.  Meet pediatric surgeon
10.  Tour hospital(s)
11.  Temporarily move Michelle to San Diego
12.  Go to lactation classes
13.  Explain lactation classes to Kevin
14.  Go to childbirth classes
15.  Find things for Michelle to do while sitting around (sewing)
16.  Wait for Karsie


  1. :) Sounds like a lot to do! Good luck! I'm hoping I can help with #15...

  2. With all that needs to be done we vote on skipping number four.

    Hope to all three of you soon.