Monday, March 16, 2009

Questions Forum 3-16-09

We have decided (with the inspiration of Kevin's mom) to post a weekly forum for questions regarding anything about this process.  This will help with questions that we have ourselves.  If we cannot answer the question, then it's a question we need to ask a doctor at some point.  If we can, we will answer what we know.  Please know that we do not view questions as invasive.  If so, we would not have set up this blog.  So do not feel awkward or bad about posting one.  It will help us greatly. To post a question just click "comments" and post.  You may post anonymous or post your name if you wish. At this point our goal is to have these answered by Wednesday afternoon.  Note:  Our next Dr. appointment is this Thursday at UCLA to check Karsie's heart.

(p.s. you may want to check "omphalocele" on the Previous Posts page if you have not already.  Warning:  it's a long read)



  1. Have all of the organs been developed that karsie will eventually have? (ovaries, uterus, etc.) and are they potentially going to be in the sack?

  2. Other than looking for 4 chambers what will the doctors be looking for on Thursday at UCLA?

  3. What is the possibility of chromosomal abnormalities should you decide to have future children?

  4. When will you get the results of the Thursday tests and how long are the tests?