Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Answers from Question Forum 3-16-09

Q:  Have all of the organs been developed that karsie will eventually have?  (ovaries, uterus, etc.) and are they potentially going to be in the sack?

A:  We're not exactly sure what is in the sack at this point other than the liver, stomach, and bowels.  We should find out more in the next couple of weeks, possibly Thursday.  Ovaries and uterus are usually lower than the omphalocele, but it's a question we will ask.  Thank you.

Q:  Other than looking for 4 chambers what will the doctors be looking for on Thursday at UCLA?

A:  We honestly have no idea.  We know they are going to do an ECG on the sonogram and want to know if there are any cardiovascular problems.  Here's a link to a web MD site that if you scroll down will give a little blurb on the cardio problems that can occur with an omphalocele.  Thursday's appointment is meant to rule those possibilities out.  We will post a more thorough response to this question after we find out more.  Thank you.

Q:  What is the possibility of chromosomal abnormalities should you decide to have future children?

A:  At this time we have been told that even with chromosomal abnormalities it's a 1 in 100 possibility that an omphalocele occurs, which is obviously lower than we would want but not low enough to discourage us, at this point, from having future children (assuming there aren't other problems).  We meet with a genetic counselor next Tuesday and they will talk to us more about our situation.  Thank you for the question. 

Q:  When will you get the results of the Thursday tests and how long are the tests?

A:  We're not sure how long the tests take because we're not sure how many they are doing.  We know they are doing a ECG which, if it's anything like an adult ECG, isn't terribly long, but if they do more tests they might be longer.  We might get the results as early as immediately if the doctor is present.  If not, we might be getting a phone call in the following days.  We'll keep you posted.  Thank you for the question.

Again, thank you for the questions.  They really do help.  We have talked about all of these and know a little bit more of what to ask when we go into the appointments, so you have helped us out greatly by giving us somewhere to start.  

If anyone has more questions before Monday feel free to ask away on the previous blog (Questions Forum 3-16-09).  We'll put up a new one every week so you don't have to keep scrolling down to find it.  

Thank you guys so much,


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